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Made-to-Order Fresh

Each box and board is prepared with a variety of artisan cheeses, meats, and desserts along with fresh locally-sourced honey, jams, and more. All items are subject to change based on local availability and shop inventory. Shop inventory changes weekly. Order Cancellation Policy - Due to the made-to-order nature of each order, all cancellations will be subjected to a 25% fee. All sales are final. 

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Your lunch break never tasted so good. 

The ideal one-person box for those busy days you're staring at on your calendar - the kind of day where you don't really want something from home, but you can't risk the fast food. Now, you don't have to with That Cheese Chick's easy, delicious Ridin' Solo Box.

Ridin' Solo

Perfect for one cheese lover

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Working a double? We got you.

This box was designed for the hungry and insatiable cheese enthusiast. Eat some for lunch and a little more for your second lunch or steal your leftovers at soccer practice - we won't judge you! That Cheese Chick made the Life is Gouda Box to help you through anything.

Life is Gouda

Great for one very hungry cheese enthusiast


You don't need to be dating to split this!

This perfect shareable box is the best option for any two cheesy people that want to kick back and relax! Movie night? Girls' night? Perfect! That Cheese Chick curated the Date Night option for the simple, cheese-loving duos in the world.

Date Night

Wonderful box for two


Only the best of friends share cheese.

Friends are only as good as their shared love of cheese! You don't have to be stingy with this board. With enough delicious pieces to feel 5 to 6 close friends, you'll be the favorite in the group. Perfect for movie marathons or random Thursdays - Let's Brie Friends will be a hit!

Let's Brie Friends

Great for a crowd of 5-6 cheese heads


Party? No special occasion needed.

Have a larger group of friends you're needing to feed or a small office party you're trying to make a statement with? Well, Havarti Party is the perfect choice for you! It is That Cheese Chick's PERFECT solution to feeding 10 to 12 friends (or frenemies) making YOU the life of the party. 

Havarti Party

Cheesy good time for 10-12 people


You don't even need to brie engaged...

Wedding or not - this board will feed a crowd. Celebrate your engagement, your divorce, or your Friday evening. It really doesn't matter! Just be sure to have 12-15 friends to help you finish That Cheese Chick's Bride to Brie board. 

Bride to Brie

Celebrate cheese lovers, any day, with a bottle of champagne with 12-15 of your favorite humans

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