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Cheese and Beer. Let's get hoppy.

Save the salt for the beach it's time to get malty. We heard it’s National Beer Day! And we say cheese doesn’t only go with wine. Here are our top picks for your next beer and cheese gathering!

Gouda gets better with age, and the delicate malt sweetness of Coors Banquet complements aged Gouda’s slight caramel notes. The beer’s brisk carbonation and subtle flavors will also help to balance and cut the milder flavors and creamier texture of a young Gouda. You can’t go wrong with either, so pick the Gouda that sounds tasty to you.

Triple Crème Brie-A creamy, gooey texture like triple plus thr fresh mango flavor of a Blue Moon Wheat combines with the rich, buttery notes in this cheese to evoke the decadent taste of fruit and cream, while contrasting its earthiness. A show stopping match up for sure.

Camembert is the soft, somewhat fattier cousin of Brie. To know the difference It has a much funkier aroma. Pair this guy with Leinenkugels Grapefruit Shandy and let the bright, floral and slightly tart flavors bring a stark, yet delicious contrast to the earthy richness found in this pungent cheese. A Shandy also helps to cleanse your palate after a bite of Camembert, thanks to its spritzy carbonation and soft bitterness.

Let’s get you out of your comfort zone and add a bold cheese to your board with some Gorgonzola. This blue veined Italian cheese pairs best with a hoppy beer like IPA. The pungent hoppy aromas of this beer compliment the cheese’s earthy and slightly pungent quality. With a cheese this strong, it needs those notes of tropical fruit to cut throughout.

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